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Sales Training

Attention Trainers!


Q. Are you looking to add some simplicity to your Sales Training Program?

Q. Would you like to take the burden off of your busy Sales Managers shoulders when it comes to training New Hires on how to calculate their Objectives, their Performance Numbers and their Activity and Sales Plans? Or do you find that training on these important things tends to be skipped over in the hurry to get a new sales rep out into the field?

Q. Would you like your New Hires to hit the field running, with a full understanding of their Sales Requirements and Sales Goals? Do you think this would Help Alleviate Stress, Confusion and Turn Over in New Hires?

Q. Does most of your Sales Training program focus on Selling, Closing and Products with no time left over for Objectives, Performance Numbers and Sales Plans?

A. Integrate the PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker or PipelinePro Scheduler & Sales Tracking App into your sales training program and it will help you QUICKLY train new hires on their daily and weekly expectations, on how their sales objectives work and how to track their own performance numbers and Sales Plans to help them sell more and hit objectives. Let PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker take it from there and help your new reps create positive sales habits with a strong, confident understanding of the company's expectations once they are back in their local office or in the field.


PipelinePro is set up to Track: 




Average Sales 

Cold Call 


Follow ups

Closing Ratio 

Sales Plan Creation

   Book Of Business


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