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Sales New Hires

Sales New Hires


The first weeks in a new sales job can be extremely confusing and frustrating. There is a lot to learn and things happen at a very fast pace.

Often the focus of new hire sales training is on SELLING and not objectives and performance tracking, however it is objectives and performance tracking that a sales rep is actually held accountable for.

PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner and Activity Tracker is designed to help the salesperson simply and easily to track all of their numbers.

With Pipeline Pro you will become very organized and avoid the frustration of being caught off guard when it comes to performance number tracking!

Q. What is PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker?

It is a Schedule Book that is a road map to your success and has been designed to fit the needs for the Professional Salesperson. No plain generic appointment book will track your business like PipelinePro can.

It is set up for: 

Sales Tracking, Objective and Sales Goal Tracking, Follow up Tracking, Referral Tracking,

Cold Call Tracking, Pipeline Tracking, Closing Ratio Tracking and Sales Plan Creation for any busy Salesperson!

Q. How will you adjust in becoming the best salesperson that can impress sales managers with your desire to succeed?

Impress them by presenting your PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker and show them how it is designed to help you excel in the sales industry! 

By showing the PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker to your sales manager you will be able to show them how you plan to go above and beyond in order to become a top performing sales rep!

 Do you want to make more money?

Are you looking to move into a top performance position?

Are you looking to move into the next level in your sales Career?


Then you are ready for PipelinePro’s Daily Sales Tracking Planner

“The Road Map to Hitting Your Sales Objectives”

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