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PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker 

Designed to save you time and effort in managing your sales team


PipelinePro was created by a former Sales Executive who just could not understand WHY there was no uniform requirement for the Appointment, Pipeline and Opportunity Management systems in most sales companies!


Q. Do you have to chase and cajole Daily or Weekly Calendars from the Sales Reps on your team every week?

A. It is time consuming and unnecessary! If all of your team members used the same system for keeping track of their weekly schedules then it would be simple to just turn in a copy of their planner into to you every Monday morning - not only would it be faster and easier but you would get more detailed information on their week than you get with the information that is hastily slapped onto a daily or weekly calendar. 

 Q. Do you feel like you teach your Sales Reps over and over how to calculate and understand their Performance Numbers and Sales Plan?

A. PipelinePro Daily Sales Planner & Activity Tracker is built to save you time and hassle by easily and conveniently walking your sales team through calculating and tracking their own performance numbers and Sales Plans at the end of every week - it includes all of the mathematical formulas that they need - all they have to do is plug in the daily activity numbers that PipelinePro has already walked them through collecting!

With increased understanding of their sales numbers your sales force will finally be able to take full responsibility of their sales activity numbers and increase their sales performance using their new stronger knowledge of their true performance statistics!


PipelinePro is set up for: Sales Tracking, Objective and Sales Goal Tracking, Follow up Tracking, Referral Tracking, Average Sale Tracking, Cold Call Tracking, Pipeline Tracking, Closing Ratio Tracking and Sales Plan Creation for any busy Salesperson!


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