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Get Set Go Sell - Daily Sales Tracking Planner

2023 is our 10th year helping professional sales reps track their sales activity, sales objectives and goals!

We are a small business but we have a huge heart in helping all people get the most out of their career in sales. 

      We are able to develop custom planners that best fits your needs, let us know what you do. 

Sales, Service, Industry or reseller? 


Our Daily Sales Tracking Planners included: Contact pages, Monthly Sales Analysis Report as well special dates area.

We have listened to our fabulous customers and have now choices when ordering a planner:

Fully dated planners January to December 2023

Open date area - able to start at any time of the year - No Dates

Real Estate Planner

Pro-Plus Planner - Big book

Appointment Planner only - No dates

Custom Planner - To fit your sales niche


So remember - as you use your Sales Planner please send any feedback or requests to


Get Set Go Sell  Daily Sales  & Tracker Planner is an Appointment Book that is specifically designed for Salespeople.


What Makes Get Set Go Sell The Sales Tool?


Key Factors - For sales success:


 1. Get Set Go Sell makes Tracking your Weekly Performance EASY!

Just fill in the blanks! By the end of the week you will have all of the numbers you need to calculate your closing ratios and to figure out EXACTLY what you need to do each day in order to hit your objective.

 2. Know your Numbers

Each day record how many cold call’s (both in person and on the phone) and how many appointments you set that day. This helps you and your manager to see where your strengths lie. Some salespeople are more effective setting appointments over the phone, while others are better in person. By knowing which you are, you can adjust your tactics and increase your results. Knowing how many cold calls it takes you to set an appointment is important in order to calculate what level of activity you must perform each day in order to accomplish your goals.

 3. Follow-up is what Makes or Breaks a Salesperson.

PipelinePro includes a specific place to note your morning and afternoon follow-up’s in order to ensure that none get overlooked. Following up when you say you will inspires the client's trust and sets you apart from your competition.

 4. Referrals are what set a Top Performer apart from a Mid-Level Rep.

When you see how many cold calls it takes you to set one appointment you will start to realize the strong benefit of a warm referral. Dedicated, consistent commitment to getting at least one referral per day can double your earnings. Seeing the referrals section in your PipelinePro planner each day will help you remember to ask for them.

 5. Record your Sales!

Why? Because it feels fantastic!! Seeing your accomplishments written down in front of you every day will motivate you. It is also important for you to know your average sale amount. Keeping track of your commissions will help you catch any mistakes in your compensation quickly.

 6. Track your Objective Yourself.

Sales sheets and reports from your manager should not be solely relied upon for keeping track of your progress towards your sales objective. Often sales sheets and reports are a bit behind and you want to be 100% current at all times. Knowledge is Power.

 7. Keep your Pipeline Report current.

Instead of a monthly calendar, PipelinePro has a monthly Pipeline Report section. Knowing the volume of your pipeline at all times is necessary in order to predict your numbers. It is also helpful for staying in touch with and keeping track of clients that you have already presented programs to. 



BEST I HAVE USED 4 Star Review

Posted by James on 7th Feb 2016

This is an excellent way to track numbers for sales. I have used both the Franklin Planner and the Grant Cardone calendar. I would have given the Pipeline Pro 5 stars if it had a short video on how to optimize and motivate like the Grant Cardone calendar.


This is my first year using the planner and I definitely will continue purchasing.

Sara - 2016


This is year 3 of using your product. Thank you! I am very satisfied!

Matt - 2015


Thank you PipelinePro Team, great planner!

Dixon - 2015


Thank you, this is the best planner!

Tami - 2014


I have been using your planner for the last 2 years, it’s great!

Thanks, Tim - 2014


“Congratulations in designing a Day/Week planner that is so well suited for the Sales Industry. I have been in the sales industry for over forty years and I have never seen a better planner for a sales executive. Sales is a numbers/talent = results profession. A sales professional that uses your product faithfully will not fail unless they want to.”  

                               -Advertising Sales Manager, Sacramento California



Posted by Melissa on 16th Dec 2013

  1. We love everything about this Planner! At our work we buy planners every year and I never use them because there is never enough room to write or I just don't like the features.
    This one has great features to track all my calls. Which of course I have a ton of Calls! I am so careful about keeping track of my sales goals and what I need to get to my goal. This planner has all that! I have told all my sales friends about it! Highly recommend!
    I love the idea of it having an app too. I just don't want to put it on my personal phone. If I had a work phone it would be an amazing free feature!